Got a winner!

Hello all! Thank you for all of your wonderful comments! You guys are so great! I really appreciate it. And thank you to all who entered the free-kit-give-away! Many people entered but there was only one person who guessed right. Congratulations Brigitte! Have fun digiscrapping with the wonderful kit "myself inspired" that I just happen to love.

And now, here's the big answer! My top 4 favorite colors are (in order from left to right):

Turquoise/Light Blue, Pink (any shade), Chocolate Brown, and Red

Again, thank you to all who entered. This was fun! And I think I want to do this again so visit my blog again! Hugs!!!


Leserlee said...

Red, hunh? Oh well. I was so close too.

Brigitte said...

Yippeee!!! I won I won I won!

(am I rubbing this in too much?)

WELL, thanks so much Yari! I downloaded it today and I absolutely LOVE it. I'll send you my layouts as soon as I find some time to sit down and scrap. LOL. It really is so worth the $4.50 though so everyone should go buy it. I love it.

Thanks so much!

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