Just when I thought I wasn't going to...

Hey y'all! Got a freebie for you! Hope you've had a happy Thanksgiving! I did! Oh my goodness, I ate so much my stomach started hurting! LOL! Now I keep hearing one word in my mind, "control, control, control..."! LOL! But I sure did enjoy it.

Well, since there's all of these festivities going on for the day after Thanksgiving and people are going shopping, I thought, "why not join in the fun?!" So here you have it:

*this sale is available at digiscrapboutique.com and polkadotpotato.com only.

And of course, I have made you a new freebie. And this one of course was made with my newest kit called "Wrapped in a Jolly Christmas". I am excited about this one friends! Why you ask? Well, it is my first desktop wallpaper ever!!! Hope you guys really enjoy it! I can't wait to use it on my computer! There's two sizes so pick the one you want! :) I hope you are all enjoying yourselves and that nothing but happy days lie ahead for you all! I am thankful for the digiscrapping community that I am part of and for all of you! Thank you for your wonderful comments! Hugs!!!

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Download 1026x768 here

Download 1280x800 {widescreen} here

And remember! Just 2 more days to enter to win an iPod Shuffle at iscrapbook.com so go enter today! You just might win!!! Look below!!!

Another great freebie for you!

Hey y'all!

Wow! "Wrapped in a Jolly Christmas" is a hit! Man, you guys really like it! I am so honored by that! I personally love this kit and for those of you who have purchased it, I do hope that you are able to create the most fun and most cherished Christmas/Holiday pages ever with this kit! I am just having a blast with it myself! :o)

Thank you for your wonderful comments that you left me. I also wanted to share with you some exciting news! I am now part of the iScrapbook.com design team and I am so thrilled about it!!! iScrapbook is like no other digiscrapbooking store on the web! It really is an honor to be able to offer my designs on their site! So head on over and check it out, and while you're there, enter to win an iPod Shuffle {thought you might like me sharing this with you}! :o) Check this out!

And here's your freebie - a qp I made using "Wrapped in a Jolly Christmas" now for sale and at 30% off! Hugs to you all and Happy Thanksgiving!!!

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Happy Thanksgiving y'all!!!

Hope you guys' holiday is great and that you get to eat lots of food without gaining the weight! lol! I know I am going to enjoy myself -- I'm so excited for the holidays! I just love the holidays. This time of year is just magical. And here's my new kit which conveys what Christmas is all about! I called it "Wrapped in a Jolly Christmas" and it is available for sale now at PolkaDotPotato.com! Hurry now and get 30% off as intro sale! Here it is:


And just so you know, PolkaDotPotato.com is having a "Potato Bar" Sale where lots and lots of items are only 99 cents! Check out my items that are up for sale right now! Click on the image to see larger:

And here, of course is a freebie for you! Hope you guys like it! It is a Christmas Card I made using "Wrapped in a Jolly Christmas." Hope you can use it! Hugs!!! And Happy Thanksgiving!!!

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Got a winner!

Hello all! Thank you for all of your wonderful comments! You guys are so great! I really appreciate it. And thank you to all who entered the free-kit-give-away! Many people entered but there was only one person who guessed right. Congratulations Brigitte! Have fun digiscrapping with the wonderful kit "myself inspired" that I just happen to love.

And now, here's the big answer! My top 4 favorite colors are (in order from left to right):

Turquoise/Light Blue, Pink (any shade), Chocolate Brown, and Red

Again, thank you to all who entered. This was fun! And I think I want to do this again so visit my blog again! Hugs!!!

Happy Birthday to Her! A Way Cute Freebie

Hi y'all! Got a new freebie for you! My daughter is turning three next week and I made some really cute invitations for a little party we're having for her. I just thought I'd share it with you in case you might be able to use it some how. However, this freebie will only be available for one day!

And please, if you can, please leave me some love. I mean, I definitely don't offer freebies expecting anything in return. It just would be nice since last time I checked the last freebie I offered (the cards) was downloaded 168 times with 1 comment posted. And the qp freebie offered right before that one, last time I checked was downloaded 187 times with 3 comments posted). So I don't mean to nag or bother you in any way. Not my intention at all. I just thought I would let you know that it would be nice as a common courtesy. And YES, I do LOVE making freebies for you!!! This is what the digiscrapping world is all about, sharing with each other so that we all can preserve our memories and our families' memories in a beautiful way! Oh, and don't forget about the free-kit-give-away! Read in posts below to find out!

Take care y'all! Hugs!!! Here's your freebie (with a really darn cute poem about little girls!)

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Double Feature Freebie!

Hey, hey, hey! How's everyone doing today? Hope all is well. I am doing great, tired, but nevertheless, great. Got a new freebie for you which I made using my new kit called "myself inspired." Today's freebie is a set of two beautiful cards which I hope you will really enjoy. Also, just a quick reminder about the free-kit-give-away I am doing to get the "myself inpired" kit FREE!!! Email me at jadyday@gmail.com with the answer to this question:

"What are my top 4 favorite colors?"
{Hint: 3 of them are pretty straight forward!} :o)

If you guess right, your name will be entered into a drawing and I will select the winner on Monday the 17th so be sure to email me your answer! You just might win! Now here's your freebie! Hugs!!!

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And we're back!!! With a great freebie too!

Hello y'all!!! So long no blog! :) Busy as always but this time I managed to make a freebie for you {one of my favorites!} and I hope you do love it! I made it using my newest kit called "Myself Inspired" {intro sale: get 31% OFF} which is great for pages that showcase anything that inspires you, and well, pretty much anything for that matter! :o) Take a look:

And, guess what?! I feel like doing a little give-away! That's right! If you guess the correct answer to my question, your name will be entered in a drawing to get the beautiful "Myself Inspired" kit free!!!

How to enter: You must email me at jadyday@gmail.com with your answer to the question below. I will stop accepting emails Saturday 11.15.08 {at 11:59 pm} and will announce the winner (and email the winner) on Monday 11.17.08! So hurry and enter to win!

Question: Name my top 4 favorite colors. If you guess right then you win the prize!!! So exciting!

And now, here's your freebie! Hope you love it. Let me know what you think of my new kit! Hugs!!!

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A quick note for DSD!!!

OMG! I am going crazy downloading stuff today! I have downloaded probably about 50 items already!!! Woo Hoo!!! But I do have to stop now! I had a great time with the treasure hunts and I did not even go through all the ones that are out there. There's tons of freebies being offered today in our little community and I am just so excited because I got some really neat stuff. And, justy so you know, just for the hey of it, I am also giving you all...

25% off my regular products at either of my stores!!! Enjoy and again, WOO HOO!!!!