Sale Going on NOW!! Yea!!

Just a reminder that my sale is going on NOW. But hurry because it ends tonight!!!
{Update: Sale ended 9.28.08}

A Big Sale and a Way Cute Freebie!

Hello my dear blog readers! Thanks for all of the wonderful comments you left me! You are all so so so nice! Thanks!

Well, I have a big announcement and here it is!

Also, here's my newest kit called "Totally Loving You" and so far it is my absolute favorite - and it's on sale too!!! I am really proud of this one and it is packed with 16 papers and 41 embellishments! Now that's digiscrapping!!! :o) This kit is as available at and

And to celebrate, of course, here's your freebie - 2 adorable cards {4x6} for you to enjoy made with "Totally Loving You." Enjoy it and hugs!!! Oh, and if you could, please let me know what you think of this kit! Thanks!

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A BIG Announcement and a Mini-kit Freebie!

First of all, thank you for your wonderful comments on my last post!

Get ready for my big announcement 'cause here it is!!!

{click on image for enlarged view}

Wondering where this design came from? It's part of my newest kit called Totally Loving You available soon! But don't miss a thing! Come back soon to get the "Totally Loving You" freebie!

To celebrate my CT call I'm giving you all a mini-kit freebie dedicated to all of you wonderful people who brighten my days with your wonderful comments! Enjoy it! Hugs!!!

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Autumn's in the air and I have a freebie for you!!!

Hi my dears :o)
Thank you for all of your wonderful comments on my last post {I do read all of my comments}.

So I live in the most "deserty" part of California and man can it get hot here! But luckily for us here we are experiencing a nice change in weather....ahhhhhh.....I can smell Autumn coming {have any of you ever experienced that--like that Autumn smell in the air?}. I am so inspired by Autumn that I have created a new kit called "Autumn Morning" and as always it is available in my shops at and Here's a preview:

Oh, and I would like to know what kind of freebie you guys would like to get next: a mini kit, another quickpage using one of my kits, digital hybrid stuff like cards and bookmarks etc., frames, or alpha? Let me know and I'll get working on it because I have an announcement {or two} coming soon and I want to give you guys some freebies!

Here's my layout! {And yes, this is as close as we get to having an actual pumpkin patch, although some people around here are pretty successful at growing pumpkins in their gardens - I have no idea how! It can get up to 120 degrees!} :o)

And here's your newest freebie from me! Enjoy it!!!
Till next time....HUGS!

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An Adorable Album and a new Freebie!!!

Hello all! It's been kind of a while, huh! I have been super busy being a mommy of course. What can I say? It's my number one job! :o)

Just wanted to let you know really quick about my new album that I made using my Sweet Yleana Kit {by the way, it's my first album ever, yea!}. If you likey-likey :0) please check it out at my shops at and! Here it is!

Also, here's a freebie I wanted to share with you. I call it "Blog Fashion." This wonderful Blog Fashion kit was also made with my Sweet Yleana Kit. I hope you like it. If you do use it I would love to see your blog {hint!!: please email me your link to!}. lol

Oh, and this will only be available for one day. Hugs!!!

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A new exciting kit and freebie - I'm on a roll!!!

Yep, that's right, I have created a new kit called "Brookie Cookie" inspired by my dear sister-in-law who is about to have her first baby {a girl}. This kit great for all of your super girly pages and hybrid creations, and it is available in my shops { and} now so please check them out if you like what you see.

As always, here's my page that I made with the freebie (what I can I say? I have to use it too! lol}. Oh! And thank you all for your wonderful comments yesterday! I love them!

And here's your freebie! Enjoy! Hugs! ~Yari

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New Kit and a new Freebie

Hi all! Thank you for all of your lovely comments! Gosh, I did not know how much you guys liked my Vintage Florals Digital Hybrid Collection. So nice of you and I am so flattered.

Jody - the font that I used for the first two is called "Lubalin Graph" which I love!

Jonni - you are just too darn cute. I LOVE all of your comments because you are so nice to me. I wish we lived near each other. Thanks so much. Many times you make my day.

Suz - Oh, you are so nice! Thank you so much. I was not able to find the "link love" on your site but am truly flattered by your comments and you just taking the time to do what you did. You are a neat lady. Thank you!

Melina in TX - Yea! So glad you got it this time. Enjoy it!

Every one else, thank you and hugs to you all.

So, on to other things... Presenting my newest kit called BOO SPOOKY BOO {halloween theme}. I hope that you do like it because I am lovin' it! This kit is available only at and at Yes, that's right, I am now a designer at and am loving it!!! Definitely check it out because it really is a neat website.

Here's my layout:

And here's your freebie! Enjoy it!!! {I'm kind of a sucker for holiday-themed stuff} lol. Hugs!

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Vintage Florals Freebie is Back!!!

Well, for all of you who used to love my Vintage Florals Digital Hybrid Collections featuring initials, remember how I said that I those would have to wait because I was experiencing computer issues? Well, this freebie is back, a different way. Instead of offering each one with the initial on it, I am hereby giving you the entire collection with a blank space for you to add your own initials. This is easy to do. If you have digital software like Photoshop, Photoshop Elements, Arcsoft Photo Studio, etc. then you probably already know how to add your own initial by using the text tool. If you don't have digital software, they you can simply insert the images onto a word document, add your initial by using the WordArt tool, printing, and then cutting around the image {omitting all the black - black shows because these are .png files}. So here you go. I just wanted to give it to you because I said I would {even if it was eventually}. Sorry about the long wait. Take care all!


Here's your freebie!

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Fantabulous Freebie coming your way!

Hey all! Thanks so much for all of the wonderful comments and thank yous I got for the last freebie. My goodness, you people are SO nice!!! I love the digiscrapping community!!! As a digiscrapper I love to search for freebie quickpages because they make my life so much easier {I'm too busy as it is!} and that's why I am offering you my latest freebie from my latest kit inspired by my own daughter. It is called Sweet Yleana and you can find it at Digiscrap Boutique!

Here's my page using the freebie quickpage:

And here's your freebie! Thank you for your comments and please let me know what you think of my latest kit! Hugs!!!

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