Happy St. Patty's Day Y'all!!!

Hey everybody! PDP and I put together a very nice article for you on super fun ways to have a great St. Patrick's Day today. Check it out here! And just so you know and for your last minute St. Patty's Day activities, the Shamrocky Lucky Hybrid/Printables kit is on sale 50% OFF. Get it now here! Have a great one y'all! Hugs!

A Springdipity Freebie

Hey y'all! Just a quick note to introduce two new products to you. First, inspired by the St. Patrick's festivities, here's my "Shamrocky Lucky Hybrid/Printables Kit"available at PDP now and on sale 25% OFF! I had lots of fun designing this hybrid kit because of its incredible usefulness and because I know my family and I will have lots of fun using it so I wanted to share. Go and grab yours now at PDP! Check it out:

The other new product is a beautiful and HUGE Spring-theme kit called "Springdipity" available at PDP and on sale 25% OFF as well! I absolutely LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this kit and I am having tons of fun with it. And FYI, come back soon for a freebie you won't want to miss! Take a look at the Springdipity Collection:

And finally, here's your freebie! I hope you love it and thank you for visiting and for your comments! Happy St. Patrick's Day and Happy Spring! Hugs!!!

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March Desktop Wallpaper Freebie! Finally!

Hello y'all! Are you guys having a beautiful day today? It's overcast where I am in California and I LOVE it! It feels fantastic, not to mention that I live in the Mojave Desert which means weather this time of year is SPECTACULAR! Well, I guess I am just really enjoying this weather because I know pretty soon here it will start getting HOT and I'm not looking too forward to that.

Anyway, LOVED your comments, especially those about what you do on St. Patty's Day. I wish I could go to the parade in SLC! I even lived in Utah {Provo} for 4 years and I never even knew about it! And that Green Eggs & Ham for breakfast, OK, I'm doing that too! It sounds like so much fun! Thanks for sharing your wonderful traditions with me. :)

Before I get to my wonderful freebie for you fine people, just got to mention this spectacular event - check it out! {F.Y.I. - SALE PRICE REFLECTED AT CHECKOUT}:

Finally, I know, I know, I'm a bit late with your March Desktop Wallpaper but I was just too busy over the weekend, but here it is! I hope you love it and get to enjoy it with your photos {the most precious part} every time you get on your computer! Hugs y'all and have a great one!

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