I'm having a CT Call!!!


I'm having a CT Call to expand my creative team! Here are the details:

-create 1 layout with each new kit (about 2 a month)
-post pages in 3 galleries {my shop, DSA, and DST
-post in CT blog at least once a month
-enable my designs through ISOs at DSA and DST
-have a blast playing with my kits!

How to apply:
Shoot me an email with subject line "CT Call" with the following info:
-a little bit about you
-a link to your favorite gallery showcasing your pages
-username and list of other CTs you're in
-link to your blog {if you have one}

CALL ENDS: MONDAY, JULY 6TH and will be announced thereafter on my blog.

So here's your chance to get my stuff for free and get creative! Good luck! :)

Woo Hooo and Daddy Day Freebie!!!

Hey y'all! Guess what I got to do yesterday in San Diego? I got to go see David Cook in concert!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Had a BLAST! Oh, it was so much fun! Woo hoo! I loved every single minute of it. When it was over, I just wanted more and more! Oh well, maybe next time... Oh, and I also held a really fun poster (with one of my Theme Cuties graphics that I made of him, if you are familiar with my Theme Cuties work). It was all so much fun!

Got a brand new kit out in honor of Father's Day and I wanted to show it to you. I love it and I can't wait till I start playing with it. I hope you will too. Here is "Hugs & Kisses 4 Daddy" available at PDP and ACOT AND it's on sale at 30% OFF!!! This kit is perfect to scrapbook all of those wonderful moments with dad caught on camera. Here it is:

And of course, here's your freebie, a fun and very cute QP for all of you to enjoy! {{{Hugs!}}}

How's your desktop lookin'?

Hey y'all! Just a quick post here to let you know that, wheewww! The results for the show will be given tomorrow and I am so super nervous! I think that all the designers did such a tremendous job! It was tough and all I have to say to my fellow designers is congratulations! You did an amazing job and it was an honor to have participated in the contest with you very talented ladies!!!

Oh, and since I will adding some new products to my shops soon I thought I would do a retirement sale at Polka Dot Potato!!! All the products below are {GASP!} ONLY $1 each!!!! {ONLY at Polka Dot Potato}. Check it out:

Well, and with the whole contest going on I completely forgot to make you guys your June desktop wallpaper (and see, I didn't notice before because I don't look at my desktop wallpaper very much but it actually is what reminded me so here you go!). Sorry about that. I made this one with my latest kit I created for the SYTYCD contest called "My Favorite Thing - National Park Fun" and I hope you like it! Have a great one! And a BIG THANK YOU TO ALL WHO VOTED FOR ME!!!!! You guys are so stinkin' flippin' outta this world awesome!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you!!!!! {{{{{{HUGS!}}}}}}

Grad Card Freebie #1

Hello y'all!

Have you guys voted yet? :) If you haven't already, head on over to DSA {http://digiscrapaddicts.com/sytycd/} and cast your vote (hint hint > I know this fabulous designer and her initials are JDS! LOL!}. Remember, you can only vote once per computer and you have until Sunday, June 7th at 11:59 pm EST.

Today I have a pretty cool freebie for you all. How many of you know anyone graduating this year? I know I do. And today while I was designing a card for the graduate I know, I thought that it would probably be really helpful to share it here on my blog. So, here's your freebie. I made it in red today but my plan is to design it in 3 or 4 more different colors. So, there you have it, you tell me the color you want next, and I will do it for you. Just let me know in the comments section! Have a great one! Hugs!

So can I design? Cast your vote! :)

The time has come to cast your vote for this year's winner of "So You Think You Can Design!"

Click on the link below to cast your vote (hopefully for me - hee hee!) You can only vote ONCE per computer. THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart for all of your support! Thank you to all who have left me such wonderful comments on each and every entry. It was hard work to design a kit in a matter of a couple of days but so well worth it. I have grown and learned so much and I have made so many new friends! Thank you all again. Have a great weekend and go vote! :) {{{HUGS!}}}

LINK: http://digiscrapaddicts.com/sytycd/


Last freebie kit for SYTYCD!!!!

Hi everybody!!! Yari here just wanting you to take advantage of the latest freebie kit I submitted for the "So You Think You Can Design" contest! :) First of all, thank you to all of you who left me comments on my submissions for the contest over at the Digiscrapaddicts.com. I appreciate your support so much! And, what's great, YOU get to vote for the designer you want to win the contest (hopefully your vote is this direction - he he!). You can vote from Thursday-Sunday of this week and I will post the link on here for you all to cast your votes. I have had a blast with the contest and have grown so much as a designer. So much that pretty soon something new is coming to the jadydaystudio blog! So keep visiting so you can find out AND for the link to vote this weekend! :) So now, what are you waiting for? Download today's freebie QP and then go and get your free kit called "My Favorite Thing - National Park Fun" (designer's favorite thing was the challenge for this week). Remember to register to be able to see it and please leave me some LOVE if you like the kit! Thanks all and have a great one!

Must register first to be able to see it and please leave me some love (comments) at the DSA page instead of on 4shared! Thank you for your support!
And here's a QP freebie I made with this awesome kit (I'm so excited to use this kit for my personal pictures!!!):
{{{Hugs!}}} Remember to cast your vote (hint: "Jady Day Studio" He he!) this weekend at DSA!!! Thanks so much for your support!