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Jady Day Studio Terms of Use

Last updated 8/2010

Terms of Use – Jady Day Studio

These designs are copyrighted (c) 2008-2010 Yari Mower/Jady Day Studio
*These terms are retroactive and apply to all previously released products.*

By purchasing or downloading these products, you are agreeing
to the terms outlined in this document.

My products may be used for PERSONAL USE or for SCRAP4HIRE under these limited terms.
NO COMMERCIAL USE is allowed aside from S4H.
Do NOT SHARE or DISTRIBUTE these files.

Re-sell or claim these products as your own creations.
You may not alter these images and then claim them as your own.
You may not use any portion of these kits in any commercial work aside from Scrap4Hire outlined below.
You may not share or distribute these products under any circumstances, even if they were downloaded for free.
Please direct your friends directly to the website where they can download or purchase
items for themselves. Sharing/redistributing/selling these files to others is piracy and is ILLEGAL.
I will not take piracy lightly and will pursue monetary damages should I find my designs being pirated.
You may not use these designs to create pornographic, violent, immoral, racial, or other offensive works.
Post your completed layouts and projects in online galleries and submit designs created using these products to magazines or online publications, provided you give proper credit to Jady Day Studio at Scrap Orchard.
Alter the products (size, color, etc.) to fit your personal scrapbooking needs.
Please make sure you BACKUP your files. You are allowed to copy these files to your own external hard drive(s) so long as the HDs are only for backup purposes and will not be shared with others.
Feel free to create gifts and pages for friends and family, provided they are receiving flattened JPEG or printed pages.
You MAY use my designs to decorate your PERSONAL blog as long as all items are used at 72 DPI and credit is given to me somewhere on your blog (list the kits name(s), my name, and my shop.... i.e. Safari Dreamin Re-loaded by Jady Day Studio at Scrap Orchard).
This does NOT give you the right to create blog templates. The ability to use my designs on your blog applies only to YOU and the blog designs you create with my products may not be shared/redistributed.
You may NOT use my designs to decorate your blog without written consent if the blog is commercial and used in ANY WAY to earn money or to promote your business without written consent.
You may NOT use my designs for any other web design without written consent.
Please contact me prior to using my designs in your blog design business. I like to know who is using my designs for this purpose. Email me at
Blog designers who offer CUSTOM services to individual clients may use my designs under these terms to create custom blog designs for clients:
The blog design must be completely unique to each client. You may NOT create premade blog sets and distribute them or alter them and install them.
The design must be new and tailored to each client. If you are unsure whether your services would be considered "custom," please contact me.
The product must be purchased each time it is used for a different blog design project. For example, if Mary wants you to use my “Boo-tiful Spook” kit
on her blog and then later Jane hires you to do her blog and she also wants "Boo-tiful Spook" on her blog, the kit must be purchased TWICE, meaning purchased each time a customer is wanting a custom design with my kit.
Please adjust your prices accordingly. You may incorporate this charge into your pricing structure. You may use freebies in your custom blog designs for a SMALL FEE. Email me at if you'd like to use freebies. I will ask for $1 through Paypal for each freebie used on each project.
You may NOT use my designs to decorate any blogs that promote pornographic, immoral, racist, violent, or other offensive subjects/material.
You may not use my designs to create blog designs if the blog is used to promote a business/commercial venture WITHOUT WRITTEN CONSENT. I reserve the right to deny use of my designs on commercial blogs so please contact me before starting such a project.
Please be extremely careful about any "collab" kits in my shop (any product created in collaboration with another designer, i.e. Bountiful Blessings by Jady Day Studio and Ziggle Designs). You may use MY PORTION ONLY from the collab kit (file name will start with jds_). You absolutely may NOT use the portion created by the collaborating designer without written consent from that designer.
You MAY use these designs to create custom pages, cards, announcements, and scrapbooks for individual clients for compensation, provided that the client only receives printed copies OR FLATTENED .jpg pages.
Each page/project MUST be custom made for each client. You may not create pages that you use over and over for different clients.
Also, you may not advertise any pages for sale. You may post your pages to an online gallery to show a sampling of your work,
but it must be clear that clients can't pick and choose pages you have previously created. Once again, pages MUST be custom and UNIQUE
to each client.
You may not use my designs for high volume sales. You are limited to selling no more than 20 hard copies of the scrapbook/scrap pages
to the client. However, if you create a custom baby announcement or other announcement or invite, you may print up to and no more than
150 copies so the client may send the card/invite to family and friends. If you need to print more than listed above, please contact me for special consideration.
Photographers may also use my designs to create announcements and cards for clients (also limited to the 150 copies above).
You MAY NOT use QUICK PAGES/QPs/PREMADE PAGES and COLLAB KITS (kits created by me and another designer in collaboration) FOR S4H.
Some collab kits done with other S4H friendly designers may be ok to use for S4H as long as the kit's product description says so
and the other designer's TOU states that is ok, or if the other designer gives you permission.
You ABSOLUTELY MAY NOT use my designs in any way to create QPs/QUICK PAGES/PREMADE pages or TEMPLATES either for free or for sale.
This is considered direct competition for any QPs or templates I create with my own designs and will NOT be tolerated.

You may NOT use my designs to design your webpage for your S4H business. You MAY use it to design your BLOG.
Please contact me at if you have any questions, comments, or concerns.
Thank you for your business and enjoy your download!
Yari Mower / Jady Day Studio
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esravis said...

I saw a kit called Backyard Splash, but can't find it in the store. Does anyone know how I can get this?

Sandrinha said...

Good morning, Jady! bought the kit in the kit The Perfect Boy's Birthday Bundle.
But unfortunately I could not download the folder (40.1MB), gave error, the folder is exactly what I wanted most, because I want the ballons elements.
Have as you provide me again?
My loggin: sandrinhalim
My email:
Excuse my English!

Sandra Carvalho

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